Maxwell is a designer working across brand, product, and print. The founder of Acid, a gourmet pickle company, and TOIL, an online shop producing functional essentials for the office. His work has been featured in industry publications like Computer Arts, Varoom Magazine and recognized by The Society of illustrators. He currently serves as a Senior Product Designer at Routable.

Bloomberg, Bureau Borsche, Dwell, Fortune, GQ, Harvard Business Review, Institutional Investor, MIT Technology Review, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Nickelodeon, Oscar Health Insurance, RealSimple, Refinery 29, Runners World, The Washington Post, The World of Interiors, YouTube, Virgin Records

Visual Identity, Research, Naming, Illustration, Content, Motion, Packaging, Editorial design
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museum with artifacts, new york
white shoes covered with perforations
pink sunset with velvet hues
geometry,woven circles, a head or bust as the portrait of the universe
cup with cranberry juice, sun beam shines below
manhole cover with fish and pattern
Seaweed, plant artsnow covering nyc city worker car logo in green
drawing in sketchbook, peace sign shadow
digital map
collage with bright shapes on the inside of an iphone case
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